Poly Street Broom with "The Eliminator" Aluminum Scraper



Item # A59160
Ship Weight 4.37 lbs
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A great dual broom/scraper for clean-up of soil, mulch, leaves, gravel and other materials!

The 5-1/4in long poly bristles resist acid and fungus growth for long life. The 2in x 16in aluminum blade scrapes gravel and mud in to manageable piles and breaks ice free from hard surfaces. The 60in x 1-1/8in hardwood handle with braces provide this broom strength for the job at hand.

Product Information


  • 16 in wide broom head
  • 5 & 1/4 in poly bristles
  • 16 in aluminum blade
  • 48 x 1 & 1/8 in handle

Product Features

  • The aluminum scraper can break ice off hard surfaces

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