Hose Nozzles & Watering Wands

Do you ever get tired of watering your garden with just a hose? Gardener's Edge can help you gently shower your newly budding flowers, eliminating the potential for damage, with a steady stream of water from our easy-to-use hose nozzles and hose wands.

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  1. Dramm Colormark Waterwand
    Dramm Colormark Waterwand
  2. Image 0 of the Dramm Colormark Waterwand Blue
    Dramm Colormark Waterwand Blue
  3. Image 1 of the Leonard 48in Angled Grip Watering Wand
    Leonard 48in Angled Grip Watering Wand
  4. Image 0 of the 36" Touch N Flow Pro Hanging Basket Wand
    36in Dramm Touch N Flow Pro Hanging Basket Wand
  5. Image 1 of the Melnor RelaxGrip 16 Inch Watering Wand
    Melnor RelaxGrip 16-Inch Watering Wand
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Perhaps you are looking for a product to water hard-to-reach areas. Our hose nozzles and wands are your solution. They are straightforward, comfortable and will not slip away from you when wet. Whether you're looking for a long wand for long-range reach, or a shorter wand for close-range watering, our watering tools are durable, helpful, can cut down your garden watering time, and will make it easier for you to hydrate your thirsty plants.

Our products vary in size, but all can help with a range of challenging and difficult watering situations. Hanging baskets, dense shrubbery and flower beds, hard-to-reach garden corners, precarious spaces due to height or location… our nozzles and hose wands can handle it all! Check out the rest of our garden irrigation tools to find the right fit for your garden's watering needs.