Kitchen & Harvest Tools

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  1. Silicone Measure, Stir & Pour, 2 Cups Image 1
    Silicone Measure, Stir & Pour, 2 Cups
  2. 1TLGE Image 1 of 1. Texan Nuti Budi Nut Cracker against white background.
    Texan Nuti Budi Nut Cracker
  3. 5014661TDGE Image 1 of 3. BAMBOO SEED TRAY against white background.
    Bamboo Seed Tray
  4. FH002AM Image 1 of 5. Flower & Herb Drying Rack, Wood - Medium with flowers and herbs drying against white background.
    Wooden Flower & Herb Drying Rack, Medium
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When it comes to gardening, the kitchen and harvest go hand in hand. Gardener‘s Edge supplies kitchen gadgets like salad making supplies, harvest baskets, and herb care tools for gardeners who love to cook. Make gathering and cooking edibles a breeze!

Make food harvesting, prep, and clean up fun and fast! Prepare your garden-grown edibles with our best kitchen and harvest gadgets. We supply OXO kitchen products like the Good Grips Grape and Tomato Cutter and the time-saving salad spinner. If you love cooking straight from the garden, take a look at our indoor gardening products today. These efficient supplies ensure you get the best salads every time.

If you love relying on your own garden, you‘ll appreciate our indoor herb gardening kits and supplies. Our herb garden kits, mushroom growing kits, grow lights and more allow you to garden year-round in your own kitchen. Our five-blade herb scissors are a great way to trim and snip your favorite plants. Our harvest baskets and planters provide great housing for your growing garden and also make excellent gardening totes. And for responsible clean up, check out our supply of kitchen compost bins.

At Gardener‘s Edge, we love combining kitchen and harvest. From your garden to your table, our products will help you create the tastiest meals. If you love to create garden-grown recipes, take a look at our selection of kitchen gadgets and indoor gardening supplies today.