Garden Power Tools

We know you have got work to do; hedges, leaf piles, garden bedding, and weed invasions. Plus, lawns and gardens do not maintain themselves. Luckily, Gardener's Edge has the most helpful, durable garden power tools on the market to help get your job done.

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    No-Spill CARB Fuel Can - Red 2.5 Gallon
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Our garden power tools are the perfect solution to heavy-duty yard work. If your work revolves around heavy leaf fall, our cordless blowers can handle the task. Battery power, lightweight handling, and a powerful wind speed make our cordless blowers fun and fast! If you have trim work to be done, the cordless trimmers from Gardener's Edge will get the job done right. Adjustable settings and pivoting heads give you options, allowing you to trim at multiple angles.

If you need a tool a bit more powerful for the job ahead, make sure to check out our chainsaws. Our battery-powered chainsaws are lightweight, easy to transport, and able to cut through even the thickest of branches and trees. One customer writes, “The battery lasts forever and the saw has taken on everything I ask of it.” No matter the task, our garden tools are up to the challenge!

Backed by A.M. Leonard's 130 years of experience, Gardener's Edge has the professional-grade garden tools and experience you need. We carry tough tools that travel, are battery-powered and easy to carry. The next time your yard needs some heavy-duty work, you'll be glad you invested in Gardener's Edge garden power tools.