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A Note Regarding Gardener’s Edge and ADA Website Compliance


At Gardener’s Edge, we value the inclusion of all people and strive to enable all shoppers to maximize their enjoyment of their gardening and landscaping experience.  To this end, we continually work to ensure that every aspect of is compliant with ADA accessibility guidelines.  


While we've put countless hours into this process, due to the complexity we understand that there may be areas of our site that are missing elements that help our site be more accessible.  We've provided the contact information below, and encourage you to contact us at any time should you find areas that need improvement.  We take ADA compliance seriously - and aim to remedy all issues that are brought to our attention as soon as possible. ADA Compliance Team Contact Methods:

Call Us:       1-800-543-8955


Live Chat:  Click Here to Live Chat (during business hours)


Additionally, as we strive to build and perfect our site to ensure that all users have the best possible experience, we ask that you agree to the terms and conditions for using  This includes providing the owners of this site with the opportunity to remedy any ADA compliance issues that you bring to our attention in a timely manner, prior to bringing any claim against A.M. Leonard,  Gardener’s Edge, or its partners.  For additional information on this policy, please contact us using any of the methods listed above.  


Published:  Wednesday, May 4, 2022