Garden Harvest Tools

Managing an orchard or garden space is rewarding, but it’s definitely hard work. Make your job easier with harvesting tools from Gardener’s Edge. With our garden harvesting tools, fruit picker baskets, ladders, nut picker uppers and sieves, you’ll save time and energy!

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  1. Image showing 12TKTTSGE image 1
    12 Gallon Heavy Duty Storage Bin (Bin Only, No Lid)
  2. 1TLGE Image 1 of 1. Texan Nuti Budi Nut Cracker against white background.
    Texan Nuti Budi Nut Cracker
  3. Image 0 of the Leonard Garden Scoot with Flat Free Tires
    Leonard Garden Scoot with Flat-Free Tires
  4. Tallman Tripod Orchard Ladders
    Tallman Tripod Orchard Ladders
  5. Image 1 of the Wheelbarrow Sifter for Compost and Soil
    Wheelbarrow Sifter for Compost and Soil
  6. Image 1 of the Tallman 10 Foot Tripod Orchard Ladder
    Tallman Tripod Orchard Ladder, 10ft Height
  7. Image 1 of the Tallman 12 Foot Tripod Orchard Ladder
    Tallman Tripod Orchard Ladder, 12ft Height
  8. Image 1 of the TubTrugs
    Flexible Tubtrugs
  9. Image 1 of the Leonard SureGrip 5 Gallon Pail
    Leonard SureGrip 5 Gallon Pail
  10. Image 1 of the PotLifter Heavy Lifting Sling
    PotLifter Heavy Lifting Tool
  11. Image 1 of the Fruit Harvester Picking Basket with Telescoping 10-foot Aluminum Handle
    Fruit Harvester Picking Basket, Telescopes 10-feet
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Essential Harvesting Tools

Fruit can be hard to reach, which is why we offer helpful nut and fruit picker tools. Gather smaller items such as almonds and walnuts without painfully bending down by using a nut picker upper. Larger items like apples and oranges are no longer out of reach! And our harvesters make quick work of it, too. One customer raves, “I picked up more nuts in less than an hour than I could in two days by hand.”

If you’re looking for a way to reach your crop directly, we carry orchard ladders in heights ranging from 8-10 feet. All our ladders provide the stability and safety you need to focus on the job at hand. We also stock helpful tubs and bags to assist in carrying any size yield including fruit picker baskets. Once your crop is gathered, use our sifters and sieves to sort through your harvest and separate the best of the crop from dirt and debris.

Gardener’s Edge is proud to provide the highest quality harvest and garden tools on the market. Whether working in a garden or harvesting an orchard, our time-tested tools will provide you the efficiency and comfort you need. Avoid a back ache and enjoy the fruit of your labor with our harvesting tools today! Also be sure to also check out our long-handled garden loppers, pruning saws, and other garden tools for keeping your trees and garden in optimum condition for growth and production.