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Original Maine Garden Hod

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Versatile Garden Hod: Harvest, Wash, and Store with Ease.

In olden times, these hods were used for carrying everything from bricks to laundry! Styled after a traditional clam hod, this version is built to last from quality hard and soft woods and durable vinyl-covered mesh.

Harvest and wash plants, fruits and vegetables (especially carrots and potatoes!) or discover one of the hundreds of other uses that the hod lends itself to inside and out any time of the year. Constructed with 3/4-inch thick pine sides and birch side rods, it also has a sturdy, food grade PVC-coated wire body, and a steam bent handle for a handsome look.

Holds 15 quarts, (.45 bushel) and measures 19-1/4"L x 11"W x 7-1/4"H. Carry, store, or display just about anything you can think of! This is especially good for rinsing bulbs and perennial roots you dug up to divide!

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