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During the time of germination, growing plants are more at risk from weather and harsh conditions. Grow lights at Gardener's Edge, grow light carts, mats, and trays can help you nurture young seedlings and plants that require controlled climate conditions.

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Depending on your needs, you may require a small setup or a much larger system. We carry multi-tier grow light carts, humidity tents, small heating mats, and germination trays, plus an assortment of smaller products such as windowsill kits. These products come in a variety of styles with varied applications so you can find the right solution for your gardening needs. At Gardener's Edge, you will find a variety of high-quality, dependable products from brands like Rootrainers, Hydrofarm, and SunBlaster. With quality construction, easy setup, and long-lasting durability, our gardening supplies will live up to your expectations. And do not forget to check out our seed starting supplies and indoor gardening supplies too!

Whether you are expanding your nursery, branching into a new species of plant, or just starting your gardening journey, here you will find what you need. Your new seedlings may need some help, so be sure to shop our garden fertilizers and plant health supplies for additional items that will help you care for your plants.