Rain Barrels

Sometimes there's just not enough water to go around. Whether you're experiencing a dry spell or you're just looking to conserve water in your garden, Gardener's Edge has a variety of rain barrels that will help you meet your water conservation goals.

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If rain is not on the horizon and you have got plants, flowers, or crops that need water, it is nice to know that you have saved rainwater from the last downpour. Rain barrels are efficient, versatile tools for your garden and are environmentally friendly. Catch rainwater from under a gutter, attach your favorite garden hose, and keep your plants healthy and happy. With gallons and gallons of water at the ready, it is easy to provide your thirsty plants with much-needed moisture. It is that easy. Plus, when you reduce water usage, it is good for the environment and your utility bill. Rain barrels and other garden conservation practices make for sustainable places of growth.

Other water conservation practices include water meters, soil hydrating liners, and special soil formulas. With water meters, you can better measure water that your plants need. Soil hydrating liners help hold in moisture and are particularly helpful for potted plants, ensuring that water does not simply run off before the plant gets its fill. Specialized soil formulas help your soil better retain moisture and ultimately use less water for healthier plants and a healthier environment. Shop our selection of rain barrels and other garden irrigation products and start saving for a not-so-rainy-day!