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Original My ECO Barrel™️

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Harness Nature's Gift: My ECO Barrel™? Captures Pure Rainwater for Thriving Gardens.

Rainwater is natural to water plants, and it can easily be used for your indoor and outdoor gardens. You can use rainwater in watering cans to water plants by hand. You can also attach any size of My ECO Barrel™ directly to an irrigation system or pump system. Rainwater harvesting has a logical use for water conservation purposes, it also reduces energy use. The rainwater that falls on your roof and property is essentially free. All it takes is a method to harvest it for later use. Rainwater harvesting can be a great educational tool to get people to recognize their individual or household water usage, which can get them to start conserving water in other areas around their home. Rainwater harvesting helps utilities reduce peak demands during summer months, saving treated water for more important and appropriate water uses. Rainwater harvesting can reduce stormwater runoff from a property. The elimination of runoff can reduce contamination of surface water from pesticides, sediment, metals, and fertilizers.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Capacity: 132-gallon (500L) soft-side rainwater harvesting barrel
  • Dimensions: 100in. Circumference (2540mm.) x Height 39in. (990.6mm.) x Diameter 32in. (812.8mm)
  • Weight 10lbs. (4.536kg.) without water
  • Structure: 0.022in. (.55mm) ClimaFabricâ„¢ï¸� a UV-resistant reinforced 500D PVC fabric with high-frequency welded seams
  • ClimaStrutsâ„¢ï¸� are one-piece legs made for superior strength
  • Outlets: PVC 1/4-turn drain ball valve with a removable quick connection fitting, PVC 1/4-turn spigot ball valve with removable compression fitting, PVC barbed overflow; all outlets have filter drain caps on the inside
  • Inlet: 2 7/8in. (73mm) screen in the near 360 degree double sewn zippered top
Product Shipping Weight
  • 10 pounds
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