Backyard Greenhouses

Certain plants require regulated climate conditions to grow healthy and strong. To achieve this, you may need a greenhouse or cold frame for your plants - and you will find a great selection of large and small structures at Gardener's Edge. Shop today!

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Whether you're a dedicated gardener looking to branch into new plant species that require certain conditions or you reside in a city and lack space for a proper garden, a greenhouse or cold frame can help keep your plants healthy and warm in a range of climates. Solar radiation passes through the roof and walls and is absorbed by the plants, earth, and floor, which then heats the house. Our mini greenhouses come in a variety of styles, including glass or translucent RipStop fabric with metal and wood construction, perfect for any backyard.

We understand that gardeners have varied needs, so we stock both full walk-in greenhouses and smaller cold frames that fit right over your existing plants. If you are nursing small seedlings, be sure to check out our mini greenhouse complete with a light stand. Don't forget to shop our plant covers and other seed starting supplies!