Lawn Aerators

Your lawn is not just a pretty backdrop for your house — it is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of your home. It protects the soil, soaks up excess water, and cleans the air. At Gardener's Edge, we've got everything you need to make sure your lawn is the pride of the neighborhood, year after year.

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  1. Image 1 of the Sod Cutter Kick Type, 12in Blade
    Sod Cutter, Kick Type with 12-Inch Blade
  2. 1321SMGE Image 1 of 5. Wonder Weed Puller against white background.
    Wonder Weed Puller
  3. Meadow Creature Broadforks
    Meadow Creature Broadforks
  4. Image 1 of the Brinly Push Tow Behind Lawn Roller
    Brinly-Hardy Lawn Roller, 270 lb Capacity
  5. Image 1 of the Mantis Aerator Attachment for All Mantis Tillers
    Mantis Aerator Attachment for All Mantis Tillers
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What is lawn aeration and why should I do it?

Lawn aerators puncture your soil so that air and water can enter the grassroots and do their thing. This allows the roots to grow deeper, which in turn produces a healthier and livelier lawn. In short, it helps your lawn breathe.

What's the point of a lawn roller?

Lawn rollers are like manual steamrollers, with a big, heavy cylinder attached to tamp down soil. They are useful for establishing new lawns, as they eliminate low spots and clods of soil prior to sowing your grass seed. You can roll your lawn again after sowing to make sure all your seeds are in contact with the soil, which can help speed up germination (a fancy word for when the seeds start to sprout).

Whether you're maintaining your lawn or establishing a brand new one, Gardener's Edge has got you covered with everything you need to keep it happy, healthy, and green. For more tools to keep your yard looking great, check out our garden rakes, scoop shovels, edging tools, and the rest of our landscaping tools.