Meadow Creature Broadfork 14in Tines

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Maximize Your Soil's Potential

Meadow Creature's Broadfork allows you to aerate and till your garden by hand, using a natural motion that's easy on your body. They dig deeper, 12-14 inches, and offer an alternative to the noise and pollution of gas powered tillers with less disruption to worms and microbes. Meadow Creature's all-steel forks have the versatility to handle a range of tasks, from breaking compacted soil to tilling established beds and aerating around perennials and fruit trees. Built in the USA and guaranteed forever.

14in Tine Broadfork: Handles: 50in L, 20in apart, weighs 22 lb.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Steel alloy
  • Weight (pounds): 22
  • Handle length (inches): 50
  • Width (inches): 20
  • Tine length (inches): 14
Product Features
  • High-strength steel alloy
  • Welded construction
  • Easy to use design
  • Made in the USA!
Product Benefits
  • The most durable forks on the market
  • Large, durable tines dig into soil with ease
  • Breaks up compacted soil, tills existing beds, or aerates around fruit trees and perennials
  • Uses a natural motion that is easier on your body
  • Less noise and pollution than gas-powered tillers
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