Garden Twine & Plant Ties

Sometimes plants need extra TLC, and Gardener's Edge will help you get it with garden twine and garden ties. These handy tools help drooping vines and long-stemmed plants grow up healthy and strong against walls, trellises, and stakes. Shop below!

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  1. Image 1 of the Max Tapener Staples, Box of 4,800
    Staples for HTB2 Max Tapener, Package of 4,800
  2. Image 1 of the Leonard Green Tree Tie Webbing 50 Feet
    Leonard Green Tree Tie Webbing 50 Feet
  3. Nursery Jute
    Nursery Jute
  4. Soft Twist Tie Garden Wire
    Soft Twist Tie Garden Wire
  5. Image 1 of the Green 3-Ply Natural Jute, 1/2-Pound Spools, 6-Pack
    Green 3-Ply Natural Jute, 1/2-Pound Spools, 6-Pack
  6. Image 1 of the Natural 3-Ply Jute, 1/2-Pound Balls, Bag of 6
    Natural Jute Spools, 219ft, 6-Pack
  7. Image 1 of the Jute Natural 3Ply 10Lbs Balls
    Jute Natural 3-Ply 10lb Ball
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Gardening often requires sturdy support, which is why customers love our simple but effective garden ties and twine. Our handy garden connectors save hours of time when you are constructing teepees, a-frame trellises, and other grid structures. They also work well with twigs, plastic, steel, stakes, and other support materials. Check out our plant supports below to get started.

Struggling to keep your vines and plants in place? Do not let your garden get away from you! Look at our adhesive plant tie ribbon. Customers love its durability, versatility, and strength. Keeping everything from small trees to full vines properly secured is a cinch. Another great way to keep your plants secure is our natural jute garden twine. Simultaneously strong and soft, it holds fast to trellises and garden structures without damaging or cutting your plants. For more permanent plant-securing methods, check out our cable ties and plier rings for use on plant supports, fencing, and more!

Gardener's Edge's twine and garden ties are perfect for securing and stabilizing your growing garden. Your small trees, thick vines, and long-stemmed flowers can get the support they need to grow strong and avoid drooping. Shop our selection of garden ties and twine today and stock up on these practical gardening essentials! And be sure to check out our selection of handy tools for quick-cutting action, including garden pruning shears and garden knives.