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6ft Bamboo Kit with Set of 8 Garden Connects

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A Quick and Effective Way to Build Support for Your Garden

Proper support will keep the fruits of your labor up and off the ground for a more abundant harvest. Less loss due to rot, plus veggies are less likely to hide from you.

This 6 ft Bamboo Kit includes 2 bundles of 10 bamboo stakes (20 total stakes), plus one free set of 8 garden connects.

Build a variety of secure support structures with Garden Connects. These unique daisy-shaped connectors let you create teepees, A-frame trellises, grids and other structures to support your growing plants. Great for vertical gardening to give you more space to grow.Connectors are made from silicone and rubber with 6 stretchable holes, and can hold up to 6 bamboo canes from 1/4" to 1" in diameter. One package comes with 8 Garden Connects.

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