C-BITE Stake Clips, Incognito

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This Unique Patented Clip Does Serious Heavy Lifting in Your Garden

Easily build a variety of sturdy and adjustable plant supports with C-BITE Stake Clips. These reusable 1-3/4-inch wide clips interconnect and quickly attach to garden stakes. Hooks on each end of the clip allows for plant ties and netting to be quickly attached and secured for climbing crops or easy canopy management.

These C-BITE clips help keep your plants upright to maximize airflow for bigger, healthier fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Made of durable partially-recycled Delron® plastic, C-BITEs last for many growing seasons.


Product Information

Product Features
  • 11mm C-BITEs to fit 5 ft and 6 ft garden stakes
  • Gives you the ability to interconnect C-BITEs, tie off netting
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