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Tallman Tripod Orchard Ladder, 12ft Height

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Sturdy and Lightweight: The Ultimate Orchard Ladder for Seamless Fruit Picking

Aluminum Tripod fruit picking ladder - designed and proven for years of trouble-free service. Built of lightweight tempered aluminum. Each step is braced for maximum safety. Recommended for turf or ground surfaces only; do not use on hard surface. 3 leg design allows for stable positioning of the ladder. Motor freight delivery required.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Tempered aluminum
  • Height (feet): 12
  • Highest standing level (feet): 8-2/3
  • Maximum capacity (pounds): 250
  • Width at base (inches): 50
  • Weight (pounds): 29
Product Warranty Information
  • The manufacturer covers this product with a 90-day warranty.
Product Features
  • Tripod-style design
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Bracing at each step
  • Slip-resistant raised tread
  • Rigid steel hinges
  • Weather-resistant plug on third leg
Product Benefits
  • Ideal for orchards or landscape maintenance
  • Provides excellent balance on turf or soft surfaces
  • Lightweight construction makes them easy to move
  • Not for use on pavement or other hard surfaces
  • Do not use near sources of electricity
Product Shipping Weight
  • 29 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the weight limit for the Tallman 12 Foot Tripod Orchard Ladder?
The Tallman 12 Foot Tripod Orchard Ladder has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

What are the dimensions of the Tallman 12 Foot Tripod Orchard Ladder?
The ladder measures 12 feet in height and 50 inches wide at the base, with a highest standing level of 8 2/3 feet.

What safety features does the Tallman 12 Foot Tripod Orchard Ladder have?
The ladder features a tripod style design for excellent balance on turf or soft surfaces, bracing at each step, slip-resistant raised tread, rigid steel hinges, and a weather-resistant plug on the third leg.

What can the Tallman 12 Foot Tripod Orchard Ladder be used for?
The ladder is ideal for orchards or landscape maintenance, providing excellent balance on softer surfaces. It is also suitable for pruning or cleaning gutters.

Product Shipping Methods
  • Please Note: Due to shipping carrier restrictions this item ships via Motor Freight only.
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