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PotLifter Heavy Lifting Tool

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You can easily carry heavy loads when you share the burden with this PotLifter sling.

The PotLifter provides an easy, back-saving way to move heavy or awkward items. Use it to relocate large flower pots, tree root balls, landscaping stones etc. Holds items from 9 to 26 inches in diameter, or up to a 7 foot circumference. Lifetime warranty.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 200 lb capacity
  • Fits objects as small as 9 inches to as large as 26 inches in diameter or objects with a 84 inch circumference (measurement around the object)
  • Made of woven nylon straps, hard poly buckles (including the red "squigly" cradle that holds the object), and pvc handles
Product Features
  • Sling has a pair of carry handles, so two people can move objects using both hands Includes carry bag
Product Benefits
  • The handles are an excellent way to reduce hand fatigue Move large flowerpots, tree root balls, hay bales, landscaping stones, firewood, bags of cement, mulch, feed, etc.
PFR Warranty
  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
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