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Leonard 10-Tine Forged Steel Scoop Fork with 30-Inch D-Grip Handle

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Designed for the toughest jobs!

A.M. Leonard makes the heads of their Forged Steel Scoop Forks using a single piece of steel. This 15-1/2 inches by 15-inch head has ten diamond-shaped, beveled tines. These tines feature a shovel-like configuration to maximize scoop capacity. They equip this fork with a 30-inch long D-grip handle.

Leonard Forged Steel Scoop Forks make any job easier. Use yours to move compost, mulch, straw, and more with ease. The diamond tines and wide head scoop up more material per load. The D-grip handle enhances your control when scooping and transporting materials.

A.M. Leonard designs their Forged Steel Scoop Forks to tackle the toughest of jobs. The single-piece steel head holds its shape for years. The tines are strong, yet they have a slight amount of flex for ease of use. A.M. Leonard covers this product with a lifetime warranty!


Product Information

Product Specs
  • Overall length (inches): 45-1/2
  • Overall weight (pounds): 7 (D-grip handle) / 8 (straight handle)
  • Head length (inches): 15-1/2
  • Head width (inches): 15
  • Handle length (inches): 30
  • Handle type: D-grip
Product Features
  • Single-piece forged steel head
  • 10 diamond beveled tines
  • 30-inch ash D-grip handle
Product Benefits
  • Move large amounts of material at a time
  • Single-piece forged head maintains shape
  • Beveled tines and shovel-like configuration pick up more material per scoop
  • Tines provide just enough flex without bending
PFR Warranty
We cover this product with our lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.
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