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  1. Image 0 of the Leonard Spring Rake 24 Tine Head with American Ash Handle
    Steel 24 Tine Spring Rake by A.M. Leonard, Lifetime Warranty
  2. Image 0 of the LEONARD DELUXE TWO TOOL
    Deluxe Soil Knife And Sheath Kit by A.M. Leonard, 6in Blade, Lifetime Warranty
  3. Image 0 of the Leonard Deluxe Stainless-Steel Soil Knife
    Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife by A.M. Leonard, 6in Dual Edged Blade, Lifetime Warranty
  4. Image 0 of the Leonard 7 Inch Stirrup Hoe
    Leonard 7-Inch Stirrup Hoe
  5. 1286 Pruner Image
    Traditional Bypass Pruners by A.M. Leonard, 1in Cutting Capacity, Lifetime Warranty
  6. Image 1 of the Leonard 4 Inch Stirrup Hoe
    Leonard 4 Inch Stirrup Hoe
  7. Image 0 of the Leonard All Steel Nursery Spade with 13-Inch Blade and D-Grip Handle
    Steel Nursery Spade by A.M. Leonard, 13in Blade x 27in Length, Lifetime Warranty
  8. Image 1 of the Leonard Spring Rake, 24-Tine Head with Composite Handle
    Leonard Spring Rake 23in Wide 24 Tines 54in Composite Handle
  9. Image 0 of the Leonard Bypass Pruner and Shear Case Combination Kit
    Bypass Pruner & Shear Case Kit by A.M. Leonard, 1in Cut Capacity, Lifetime Warranty
  10. Image 0 of the Leonard Garden Scoot with Flat Free Tires
    Leonard Garden Scoot with Flat-Free Tires
  11. Leonard 6 Tine Forged Steel Manure Forks
    Leonard 6 Tine Forged Steel Manure Forks
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Thoughtfully designed and crafted tools make all the difference in the garden. Whether you‘re cleaning up leaves, spreading mulch, cutting sod, weeding, or edging, Gardener‘s Edge has a durable tool to get the job done right. We offer a carefully curated selection of garden hand tools from some of the best brands in the industry, including Leonard, Ames, NRG PRO, Prohoe, UnionTools, and more—all designed for easy use and built to last. Shop below, and be sure to put your new tools to good use with our helpful guide to pruning trees and shrubs!

From delicate pruning to heavy-duty trimming, garden hand tools to outdoor power equipment, Gardener's Edge has gardening tools for every type of garden and gardener. We stock popular, multi-use tools that are must-have essentials for daily work—like the Leonard Deluxe Soil Knife and Sheath Combo, complete with AM Leonard‘s lifetime warranty. Use it for dividing plants, cutting ties, planting, weeding, and much more.

Arm yourself with the best gardening tools in the industry. Gardener‘s Edge is backed by our parent company A.M. Leonard, which has been supplying horticultural professionals since 1885—and now we offer the same professional quality tools for home gardeners. Shop our selection of garden tools today!