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Leonard Nursery Spade with 27-Inch D-Grip Composite Handle

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We've taken our proven quality nursery spades to the next level!

This spade has all of the strength and benefits of an all-steel spade with the feel of our traditional nursery spades. An incredible combination of a heat-treated alloy steel blade and our composite handle.

Built to handle the toughest landscape jobs. 13-inch closed back blade tapers from 7 1/4-inch to 6-inch with a thin, flat slicing edge to cut through roots and compacted soil. Turned steps so that you can put some muscle into it! Structurally designed 27-inch D-grip reinforced composite handle for maximum strength and load bearing. Molded polymer exterior jacket gives you a comfortable, smooth grip. Non-conductive, chemical and moisture resistant. Lifetime warranty.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Weight 5.7 lbs
  • 27" Handle Blade:
  • 6.0" along the cutting edge
  • 7.25" along the top edge
  • 3.25" blade lift
  • 13" long
Product Features
  • Orange composite handle
  • Handle riveted to shank
  • Shank and blade are one forged piece of alloy steel
  • Closed back blade
  • Turned step
Product Benefits
  • This A.M. Leonard spade has all of the strength and benefits of an all steel spade with the feel of our traditional nursery spades
  • The composite handle has more 'give' than a solid steel spade, it feels more like a wooden handle when you jolt up against that solid rock
  • Handle constructed of a reinforced composite for maximum strength and load bearing
  • Non-conductive, chemical and moisture resistant
  • High quality steel and composite construction makes this nursery spade a hard one to beat. Compare the price and quality to any other brand
  • The bright orange color means that you won't be leaving this behind at the job site, or driving over one left laying on the ground
  • 'D' grip works great for digging out under a shrub or tree to form a root ball
  • The shank and blade are one forged piece of steel, keeping this from being being a weak point
  • Tip of the blade is virtually flat with no 'bowl' curve, so you can cut straight when edging or cutting sod
  • Closed back is the next to strongest of all blade types. There is a plate welded to the back of the blade and over the opening in the socket to increase strength and to keep soil from building up in the socket
  • Low blade lift means you can dig straight down without leaning the handle forward too far
  • Solid construction makes these virtually indistructable
  • The turned step is easier on your feet, especially when wearing soft-soled shoes
  • A variety of uses, such as:
  • Edging landscape beds
  • Digging or installing shrubs, trees, perennials, or other plant material
  • Dividing perennials and grasses
  • Cutting and removing sod
  • Cutting sod pieces to size when installing
  • Skimming layer off top of soil to level or grade
  • Cutting through tough roots
PFR Warranty
  • We cover this product with a lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.
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