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Felco 6 Small Pruners

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Felco quality but a better fit for smaller hands!

All the premium features of a Felco pruner, specifically designed for smaller hands or precision pruning. Shorter blades with a powerful cutting stroke! 0.8-inch cutting capacity; 7.7-inch overall length; weight of 7.5 oz.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Designed for smaller hands, overall length 7.7", overall weight 7.5oz.
  • The handles are spaced closer together than most other Felcos so it is a better fit for smaller hands.
Additional Product Information
  • QUESTION: Can the Felco blades be sharpened? ANSWER: The Felco blades may be sharpened with a fine stone or file such as our FWF, but after two or three sharpenings you should replace the blade.
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