Takiron Green Steel Stakes, 5/8in x 6ft, 10-Pack



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Durable heavy gauge steel stakes have a smooth all-weather plant green colored resin coating that resists chemicals and rust. The ring spacing coincides with a plant's growth. Heat-sealed caps stay in place. Priced per bundle of 10.

Product Information


All 16mm., 166TS is 6ft. high. Sold in bundles of 10. 16mm is approx 5/8". Steel stakes with green coating to prevent rust. Waterproof caps are heat sealed.

Product Features

Polyolefin coating provides a long lasting finish because of its resistance to agricultural chemicals and fertilizers Smooth surface minimizes plant damage. Heat sealed caps installed at both ends keep out moisture and eliminate any rusting Protruding rings offer more areas for placement of ties and twines when secure plant material, close spacing at the bottom and increasing to the top Double protruding rings are placed at every 50cm (19 5/8") from the stake bottom as a gauge for more uniform depth setting Green color blends in for aesthetic appeal

Product Benefits

The Polyolefin coating and resistnace to chemicals means stake will not rust, corrode, or crack offering a long service life When the smooth surface means less plant damage, the result is healthier plants for optimum growth and reduced scarring With the heat-sealed caps keeping out moisture the stake maintains strength over time, as moisture will not penetrate, causing rust and reduction of strength The tighter spacing of the protruding rings at bottom of the stake means more places to tie for support of young plants. Better placement means better support and enhanced growth of plants The double protruding rings placed every 50cm insures the stakes are placed at proper depth for best soil holding ability while creating a uniform height The green color advantage is it keeps a clean looking growing or landscape setting


A.M. Leoard's down to earth guarantee. Product is covered under A.M. Leonard's full one year warranty against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.

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QUESTION: Can the stakes be cut to a variety of sizes? ANSWER: The stakes could be cut with the proper tools. However, this would exposs the internal part of the stake and could rust and corrode.