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Knotty Takiron Green Steel Stakes, 7 16 Inch x 4 Feet Bundle of 10

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Long-lasting stakes, green color blends in with foliage!

Our New Takiron Stakes has a "knotty" ring rather than the original smooth, bamboo-style ring. This feature lets the twine and ties hold onto the stakes instead of slide down a smooth surface.

The ring spacing is close together near the bottom and gradually gets closer as it nears the top, to coincide with a plant's growth. Double rings every 50 cm help you insert to an even height. Protruding rings offer tie off areas. Waterproof and heat-sealed caps stay in place. The look and feel of bamboo, with the strength of steel. Strong durable heavy-gauge steel in all-weather, polyolefin resin coating will not change shape, rot or rust. Resists chemicals and long-lasting. Priced per bundle of 10.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 114TS is 4ft. high
  • Sold in bundles of 10
  • 11mm is approx. 7/16"
Product Features
  • Polyolefin coating provides a long lasting finish because of its resistance to agricultural chemicals and fertilizers
  • Knotty-style finish on rings holds onto twine & ties and prevents sliding
  • Heat sealed caps installed at both ends keep out moisture and eliminate any rusting
Product Benefits
  • The Polyolefin coating and resistance to chemicals means stake will not rust, corrode, or crack offering a long service life
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