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  1. Image 1 of the PittMoss Prime Soil Amendment 4 Cubic Feet
    PittMoss Prime Soil Amendment 4 Cubic Feet
  2. Image 1 of the Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope
    Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope
  3. Image 1 of the HyR BRIX All Natural Pasture Fertilizer 50 Pound Bag
    HyR BRIX All-Natural Pasture Fertilizer, 45-Pound Bag
  4. Image 5 of the Soil Moisture Meter - 24in. probe
    Soil Moisture Meter with 24-Inch Probe
  5. Image 1 of the Osmocote Fertilizer 15-9-12 Slow Release 3 to 4 Months 50lb Bag
    Osmocote Plus 15-9-12 Slow Release Fertilizer, 3-4 month
  6. Image 1 of the Leonard 10-10-10 Tree Food for Evergreens and General Use, Box of 40 Stakes
    Leonard 10-10-10 Tree Food Stakes for Evergreens and General Use, Box of 40
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Whether you‘re growing tomato plants or nurturing prized flowers, our selection of plant health products will ensure healthy and consistent results. From anti-transpirants to insecticides and tomato plant sprays, we‘ve got effective solutions and tools for all kinds of plant health issues—plus a wide selection of soil testing kits and supplies to help diagnose problems before they get worse. Maintaining plant health is a complex and ongoing process—and we‘re committed to providing the tools and products you need for success. From disease control products and lawn spreaders to high-precision soil analyzers, this is the first and last stop for a vibrant, growing garden!

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