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Peters Professional Acid Special Fertilizer 21-7-7

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Water-Soluble Fertilizer Feeds Quickly Through Roots and Leaves

Peters Professional water-soluble fertilizer is great for maintaining plants. It delivers fast green-up and foliar expansion with its high percentage of ammonium and urea nitrogen. A balance of phosphorus and potassium promote excellent root and shoot growth.

This formulation dissolves faster and cakes less than other top brands for easier mixing and application. It is chelated for easier absorption resulting in improved plant performance. It includes an effective blue color tracer so you quickly know exactly where you've sprayed or used it.

Produce healthy acid-loving crops with this formula's high potential acidity that offsets high water alkalinity or lowers pH levels in growing media. C (Customizing) component can be used with a variety of B (Base) formulations. Excellent choice for water types 3 and 4. Contains a full range of essential micronutrients plus extra iron to promote greening.

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Product Specs
  • 21-7-7 formula
  • Includes minor nutirents
  • 25 lb bag
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