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SUPERthrive Vitamin Solution 1 Gallon

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SUPERthrive® - the Essential Vitamin Solution!

Secure your transplants. Revive stressed plants. Produce abundant yields. All with SUPERthrive®!

Trusted by generations of home gardeners and professionals. SUPERthrive® formulates their signature vitamin solution using unique, non-toxic ingredients. Use it for growing, maintenance, or transplanting.

Growing and maintenance: In optimum growing conditions, plants create their own building blocks for growth. SUPERthrive® encourages plants to create these chemicals in non-optimal conditions. These chemicals fortify plant growth from the inside out. This gives your plants a better chance of achieving their full growth potential.

Transplanting: Trees and other plants experience a great deal of stress during transplanting. This stress negatively affects the health of the plants. This results in the loss of leaves and damaged roots. It can even kill your plant or tree! Increase your plants chances of survival by using SUPERthrive® before planting. It treats, and may even prevent, stress-related damage.

This is a 1-gallon container.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Guaranteed Analysis: 0.5-0-0
  • Total Nitrogen (N) 0.5
  • Derived from Kelp
  • Also contains nonplant food ingredient 0.09% Vit. B1 from Thiamine hydrochloride
Product Features
  • Unique vitamin solution made using kelp
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • High economic value
Product Benefits
  • Restores plant vigor
  • Promotes chemical balance
  • Reduces transplant shock
Additional Product Information
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