Ooze Tube Tomato Watering System, 40 Gallon



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The Ooze Tube ensures that your plants receive 40 gallons of water, slowly and steadily, over a period of up to three weeks.

Forget the daily chore of dragging out the hose! Regular, consistent watering is the most important thing you can do to prevent blossom end rot and fruit cracking of your tomatoes. Withe the Ooze Tube, water is delivered through drip line and emitters that easily insert into the tube to water just the plants you want. Eliminates runoff and reduces weeds and pests for a healthier garden.

Add liquid fertilizers and amendments to the tube to feed plants as you water. UV resistant plastic tube measures about 8 feet extended, or use in a "C" shape around young trees and plants.

Product Information


  • Measures approx. 8 feet long when set up in the linear (straight) watering method
  • Holds 40 gallons of water in the reservoir

Product Features

  • Complete with approximately 8 feet of drip tubing, 4 emitters, and two wooden ground stakes
  • The "Ooze Tube for Tomatoes" kit, will keep four tomato plants happily irrigated for about 10 days or, two tomato plants irrigated for 3 weeks between refills
  • Manufacturer suggests using chlorinated water in the tubes. However if chlorinated water is not available, a couple of drops of bleach in each filling will work. This is to stop algae growth in the tube.
  • It works on other garden plants as well

Product Benefits

  • Eliminate wasted water and wasted liquid fertilizers
  • Waters long enough for you to go on a vacation


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30-day satisfaction guarantee



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  • QUESTION: Can an Oooze Tube like the TWK40 be used on a slope?
  • ANSWER: Slopes can be challenging, but here are a few suggestions:
  • 1. First, if a new tree is planted properly on a slope, there should be a level "shelf" on which the Ooze Tube can sit (the surface of the root ball).
  • 2. The Ooze Tube does NOT have to be wrapped around the tree; so if the slope is severe and there is no level ?shelf?, the user can install the Ooze Tube above the tree, and install the dripper on the outside of the Ooze Tube ?donut? where it drips on the uphill side of the rootball. Gravity and soil capillary action pulls the water where it is needed.
  • 3. If you have access to the top of the hill, you could install the Ooze Tube at the top of the hill? sometimes, in a straight line so that it holds a lot more water (the full 40 gallons). Then, they will install the drippers on the outside of the bag and attach 1/4? drip tubing (our PT141) to the dripper discharge. Then run the drip tubing down the hill, to the tree. By doing this, you no longer have to drag hoses on the side of the hill to refill the bags. Just go to the top of the hill and fill the bags.

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from CO

Great idea needs work


There are some serious issues with this product. The plastic tube is too thin. We did not get hail (yet) this summer, but judging from what a fingernail does, it wouldn't survive the hit. If, or when, it tears, the tube needs to be empty and dry to apply the pool repair patch (not included.) If your area gets an uncommon amount of rain, (as Colorado did this summer) the only way to stop the drip is to empty the tube, and 40 gallons is a lot to siphon so you don't drown the tomatoes in the process. If you amend your soil so water flows freely, the single drip is only going to water one side of your plant. Plan to refill the tube about every 4 or 5 days, not 7. Don't expect your tomatoes to look like the comparison photos, unless you feed them daily. Note that this is not an in-house product, so it only has a 30 day warranty. I thought this was a great idea, (which is why I gave it one star),but it is the first item I've ever bought here that I cannot recommend.


Emitters & tubes


The product is great but I could have used 4 more emitters for each of my two tubes for my vegetable garden.

from IL

Not impressed


We use tree gators when planting new trees and they work great. I was hoping these would work as well as they did. I was very disappointed. I would not recommend them. A soaker hose works a lot better.

from NM

ooze tube


This is a great idea, but didn't live up to my expectations. I travel a lot in the summer and thought this was a great way to keep my garden alive when I was away. It worked early in the season, but the plastic did not hold up well enough to hold the emitters tightly, so the water leaked out too quickly around the emitters. Will not work for another season! I might try the bags next year, as they look like they are made of a tougher material. Again, great idea, poor execution!

from TX

Disappointed, to say the least.


The product did NOT work as depicted. The tubes are located in such obscure locations and with such short tubing that using the product was difficult, and the supposed watering of the plants simply did not happen as the product is described. What it did do was give mosquitoes an open space to get into the water and breed. We removed the bags and threw them away. Very disappointed.

from PA

Place, Fill, Water, Relax


Really keeps the hydrating worries under control. Does a large area and you can position the emitters any place for optimum watering. Rolls up easily for the next use or storage.

from MI

Ooze Tube


older makes gardening more difficult, but with this waterer, carrying water is no longer an issue! My tomatoes thrived last summer, so much so that our neighbor's chickens feasted on them and grew bigger and I am sure, healthier!

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