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Natural First-Cut Bamboo Stakes, Pack of 10


First cut is 3 times stronger than wood, and is the best quality — more elastic, sturdier and it lasts much longer!

Hand-selected, this first cut bamboo is 3 times stronger than wood and higher quality than what you can find elsewhere. Top quality bamboo with straight, flexible shafts and growth rings, or nodes, along the length of the cane that naturally vary in spacing.

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to stake your plants? Well, we have your answer! These beautiful, lightweight, and naturally strong bamboo stakes will last several seasons in your garden. Blend in, yet provide solid support. You could also get your creative juices flowing by building your own fence, arbor, or even a trellis! For long-term durability, we recommend you store stakes out of the direct sunlight and at 65% or less humidity, with good ventilation. Keep the stakes bundled and off the ground until usage.
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