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PROHOE Rogue 6-inch Scuffle Hoe

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This hoe makes short work of weeds in those hard-to-reach places!

The PROHOE Scuffle Hoe features a triangle-shaped blade. PROHOE sharpens all three sides of the 6-inch wide head. They attach this head to a 60-inch long handle.

Use this hoe to remove weeds and cultivate around flowers and plants. The tri-edge blade allows for cutting on both the push and pull motion. The sharpened edges allow for a smooth cut in both directions. In addition to visible weeds, this motion cuts through weeds and seedlings beneath the soil.

The PROHOE Scuffle Hoe is a truly versatile tool. Its unique shape allows you to weed under branching plants where other hoes cannot reach. Turn the tool on its side and it is the perfect shape for getting between garden rows.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Overall weight (pounds): 2.5
  • Overall length (inches): 62-1/2
  • Head width (inches): 6
  • Head length (inches): 3-1/4
  • Handle material: Wood
  • Handle length (inches): 60
Product Features
  • Scuffle hoe
  • Sharpened, tri-edge blade
  • Wooden handle
Product Benefits
  • Easily removes weeds and cultivates around flowers and plants
  • Tri-edge blade pulls on both the push and pull motion
  • Sharpened edges cut smoothly in both directions
  • Removes visible weeds and those that have not yet emerged
  • Reaches where other hoes cannot and can weed between garden rows
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