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Leonard 6-Inch Scuffle Hoe

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Another popular and versatile weeding tool made for the professional landscaper and nurseryman

This three-sided tool is precision sharpened on all sides and easily cuts through soil and weeds on both push and pull motions. A.M. Leonard's Scuffle Hoe tool head is heat treated to a specified hardness to ensure the edges stay sharp. Built to withstand the toughest soil conditions and repeated all day use. Measuring 6-1/4" wide this versatile size is perfect for many growing applications. Ideal for maintaining weed free row crop or landscape. The scuffle hoe can be used to weed in between and around plants and underneath plants with a low canopy. Equipped with a 60" handle for that allows for weeding and cultivating to be done in a comfortable standing position. This light weight and versatile tool is a must have tool for landscaping and makes quick work of an overgrown landscape. Some assembly required. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA! Ship wt. 2.6lb.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Overall weight (pounds): 2.6
  • Overall length (inches): 64-1/2
  • Head width (inches): 6-1/4
  • Head length (inches): 3-1/2
  • Handle material: Wood
  • Handle length (inches): 60
Product Features
  • Leonard 6" Scuffle hoe makes quick work of weeding tasks
  • Cut down an overgrown landscape or maintian a weed free garden while working in a comfortable standing position
  • A must have tool for maintaining and weeding around row crop
  • Ideal for landscaping, often used for preparing and maintaining mulch beds
  • Precision sharpened on all 3 sides for effortless cutting on both push and pull motions
  • Heat treated to specific hardness to retain sharp edges in the toughest soil conditions
  • Made in the USA!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Ship wt. 2.6lb.
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