Permaloc Aluminum Edging, Set of 6 Sections, 5 Colors

Easy to install, strong aluminum edging that lasts a lifetime!

Easy, labor saving installation; easy to curve, angle and cut; no rusting, cracking or rotting; resistant to frost heave! The attractive, effective, low-maintenance solution for establishing and retaining a crisp, permanent edge for landscape beds or pavers.

Why choose Permaloc edging? Only the highest quality aluminum alloy. Quality made to exact, uniform thickness. Patented aluminum edging design for easy and quick installation. Interlocking design holds tight, with a profile that ensures the product stays in place. Wide variety of colors to choose from. See our garden edging category for more options!

Each section is 1/8-inch thick by 4 inches high; choose 8 or 16 foot lengths. Note: Each 8 foot section has 3 pockets and 3 stakes; each 16 foot section has 8 pockets and 5 stakes. Sold in sets of 6 sections per size.

Item # Depth Description Weight Stock Status 1–1 2+ Qty
PML8 1 8-foot length, Mill Finish (Natural Aluminum) (ML), 6 sections 19 lbs Available
$136.99 $117.99
PML16 1 16-foot length, Mill Finish (Natural Aluminum) (ML), 6 sections 38 lbs Available
$238.99 $212.99
PBA8 1 8-foot length, Black Anodized (Absorbed into aluminum; holds color longer) (BA), 6 sections 19 lbs Available
$165.99 $149.99
PBA16 1 16-foot length, Black Anodized (Absorbed into aluminum; holds color longer) (BA), 6 sections 38 lbs Available
$309.99 $291.99
PBDF8 1 8-foot length, Black DuraFlex (Baked on finish) (BD), 6 sections 19 lbs Available
$153.99 $140.99
PBDF16 1 16-foot length, Black DuraFlex (Baked on finish) (BD), 6 sections 38 lbs Available
$294.99 $255.89
PBR8 1 8-foot length, Bronze DuraFlex (Baked on finish) (BZD), 6 sections 19 lbs Available
$149.99 $138.89
PBR16 1 16-foot length, Bronze DuraFlex (Baked on finish) (BZD), 6 sections 38 lbs Available
$288.99 $248.99
PGR8 1 8-foot length, Green DuraFlex (Baked on finish) (7G), 6 sections 19 lbs Available
$153.99 $140.99
PGR16 30 16-foot length, Green DuraFlex (Baked on finish) (7G), 6 sections 38 lbs Available
$290.99 $254.89

Product Information


  • Interlocking snap-down splicing system
  • Each 8 foot section has 3 pockets and 3 stakes; each 16 foot section has 8 pockets and 5 stakes.

Product Features

Why Anodizing Matters: Anodizing is a finish that is integrated with the underlying aluminum for total bonding and unmatched adhesion. It is non-hazardous while increasing corrosion and wear resistance. Anodized edging has an extremely long lifespan with less maintenance (usually rinsing or mild soap/water will restore it to looking like new. Plus, it does not chip or peel due to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Product Benefits

The aluminum edging advantage:

  • Lifetime endurance makes the cost of aluminum edging lower than any other product
  • Crisp, straight lines can be achieved with minimal effort
  • High strength aluminum alloy withstands years of maintenance abuse
  • Aluminum edging is environmentally friendly and made from recycled material


Manufacturer supplies a 15 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects

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QUESTION: What is the difference between Mill, Dura-Flex, and Anodized?
ANSWER: Mill is the silver aluminum finish, Dura-Flex is the black painted, and Anodized is black all the way through.

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from KS

Great Edging!


This edging does take the initial prep work for it to go in as usual, but it easily locks together, goes around curves (you'll probably need 2 people for this), bends for corners - all easily done if you follow instructions! Looks great, easy to do and truly tidies up the back yard. Great product.

from PA

great but misleading


I like the quality very much, The only problem I had was the size. They say it is 8 foot sections, but once you put it together you lose 4 inches for the connection. So if you need 48 feet like I did you are 2 foot short. Tried to buy extra sections but only sell in packs of 6. It ends up costing me $300 dollars instead of $150 dollars. You might want to specify that in your listing.

from NH



Easy to install, good quality. Looks great when you're done, client is happy.

from NV

Clean Lines


The Permaloc Clean Line delivers just what its name implies. I wanted a nearly invisible separation between two types of gravel along my main entry/walk and needed it to look clean and laser sharp. The only issue I experienced was more due to my site conditions. I couldn't use the supplied stakes to hold the product down, simply because they could not be driven into the hard, rocky earth we have here in Southern Nevada. Instead, I dug a shallow trench, filled the trench with sand, and set the edging into the sand before compacting it with water. Once the gravel was in place, the edging was, and still is, pretty solid.

from PA

I Finally Found What I'd Been Wishing For: Permaloc Aluminum Edging


I've just installed the four inch deep Permaloc aluminium edging between several beds and surrounding grass. The proof will come in the spring, when the grass, hopefully, will be held at bay, but at this point I am delighted. I had imagined, i.e., invented im my head, something along these lines -- thin, knife-edged, durable, flexible but saw no such thing in any of the home-improvement mega stores. Then I went on line and found Permaloc. I wouldn't go so far as to say that angling and bending the material is easy, but it is feasible, and I had a particularly intricate and compressed design configuration, which certainly rendered the process more difficult than a simpler, larger scale layout would do. The beds look neat and tidy, as if everything had just gotten a really good haircut and I am pleased as can be.

from PA

Easy to install


I found the Permaloc edging exactly what I wanted. It clipped together easily, and, after digging a small trench to define the area I wanted to bound, it seated nicely with the enclosed stakes. I chose the black, and I am definitely happy with this product.

from IL



This is great edging, it never rusts, never heaves, maintains its color. Mine has been down for a year with no problems. It does take a little more effort to install but it is worth it.

from NY

Great Product


A few exta dollars, but you will be miles ahead of your neighbor's crappy, wavy,plastic edging. Could have used a few instructions but I got by.

from FL

Premium edging


We use permaloc edging exclusively for our dry-laid stone pathways and patios. Our natural stone flatwork often involves intricate curves and the flexibility of aluminum allows for a professional finish. More expensive than steel edging, but easier to install as it is lighter.

from OH

Solid product


Great product, packaged and delivered undamaged, good color choices other than just silver, easy to manipulate into shape, easy to cut with saw, clients very satisfied with look, plenty of stakes, great barrier for gravel to lawn, string trimmers do not destroy.

from WA

Solid Edging


I found the product to be solid and easy to use. Early in the lifetime of the product...time will tell. In rocky ground the 12 inch stakes hit a few rocks that caused them to bend. Not the product's fault, but just something to be aware of. Overall a very good and solid edging.

from WI

permalock edging


quality product, lightweight, straightforward installation, easy to shape, stays in place for years.

from OH

Permaloc edging is a great product


Easy to bend and resists frost heave.

from WA



good looks, very flexible

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