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Permaloc Set of Six 8-foot Long Sections - Bronze DuraFlex, Baked-On Finish

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Permaloc Clean Line: Easy, Durable Aluminum Landscape Edging Solution!

Why Choose Permaloc Clean Line? Only the highest quality aluminum alloy. Quality made to exact, uniform thickness. Patented design for easy and quick installation. (Lower labor costs!) Interlocking design holds tight, with a profile that ensures the product stays in place. Wide variety of colors to choose from.Easy, labor saving installation; easy to curve, angle and cut; no rusting, cracking or rotting; resistant to frost heave! The attractive, effective, low-maintenance solution for establishing and retaining a crisp, permanent edge for landscape beds or pavers. 1/8"x 4", in 8 foot lengths. Priced and sold in bundles of 6.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Minimum order 6 sections per size
  • Priced per section
  • 8' section with 3 stakes
  • 1/8" x 4" x 8'
Product Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer supplies a 15 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects
Product Features
  • The 8' pieces come with 3 stakes and 3 slots to insert them
Product Shipping Weight
  • 41 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Permaloc?
Permaloc is a top quality aluminum landscape edging designed for easy installation and durability. It is made of the highest quality aluminum alloy to ensure uniform thickness and comes in a range of colors.

What are the benefits of using Permaloc for landscaping?
Permaloc offers easy, labor-saving installation, can be curved, angled and cut with ease, and is resistant to rusting, cracking and rotting. It also offers resistance to frost heave, making it a low maintenance solution for establishing and retaining a crisp, permanent edge for landscape beds or pavers.

What is the size of each section of Permaloc and how is it sold?
Permaloc sections are 1/8" x 4" in size and come in 8 foot lengths. They are sold in bundles of 6 and priced per section. Each 8' section comes with 3 stakes and 3 slots to insert them, ensuring a tight, interlocking hold.

What are the features that make Permaloc a high-quality product?
Permaloc is made of the highest quality aluminum alloy, has a patented design that ensures easy and quick installation, and offers a wide variety of colors to choose from. Its interlocking design also ensures that the product stays in place, reducing the need for labor and maintenance over time.

Product Shipping Methods
  • Please Note: Due to shipping carrier restrictions this item ships via Motor Freight only.
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