Meadow Creature Broadforks

Maximize Your Soil's Potential

Meadow Creature's Broadfork allows you to aerate and till your garden by hand, using a natural motion that's easy on your body. They dig deeper, 12-14 inches, and offer an alternative to the noise and pollution of gas powered tillers with less disruption to worms and microbes. Meadow Creature's all-steel forks have the versatility to handle a range of tasks, from breaking compacted soil to tilling established beds and aerating around perennials and fruit trees. Built in the USA and guaranteed forever. In 2 sizes.

12in Tine Broadfork: Best choice for smaller-size individuals or elders. Handles: 46in L, 19in apart, weighs 15 lb.

14in Tine Broadfork: Handles: 50in L, 20in apart, weighs 22 lb.

Item # Depth Length of Handles Length of Tines Weight Stock Status Price Qty
BF-12 60 46in 12in 15 lb Available
BF-14 65 50in 14in 22 lb Available

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from GA

Love this tool!


If you have a small garden spot, this is the tool for you. I tilled a 20' x 15' garden in less than an hour. The ground had been worked before so was a breeze to turn but also used the broad fork to work a small area of fairly compacted soil. The tool is a keeper and worth every penny you pay for it.

from IN

I loved it. It does the job where a tiller couldn't go and is easy (heavy tho)


Really gets in there and lifts and separates soil deeply. Moving to an apartment so gave it to a friend last fall who just texted to see what it was called so she could put it on her blog it worked so well for her. She was digging strawberry plants to reset.