Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Pruning Saw with 7-Inch Curved Blade



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Heavy-duty cutting with a lightweight design!

A.M. Leonard outfits their Folding Pruning Saw with unique tri-edge, seven-point teeth. They make the 7-inch curved blade using high-carbon Japanese steel. A tapered grind maximizes sharpness, and a chrome finish protects the edge from rust and corrosion.

The Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Pruning Saw also features a dual-action latch lock. The push-button lock and rolled spring pin secure the blade in either an open or closed position. A high-impact plastic handle resists breakage, and a rubberized grip provides comfort during use.

This saw is the perfect combination of weight and efficiency. The tri-edge teeth maintain their sharpness, allowing them to cut quickly and cleanly on the pull stroke. It pairs perfectly with a pair of Leonard Traditional Bypass Pruners as it makes quick work of branches that may be too large for your pruners.

This tool combines sharpness, durability, and comfort into a single high-performing tool. Thanks to its replaceable blade, this tool provides years of service. They back this tool with a lifetime warranty!

Product Information


  • Blade material: High-carbon steel with chrome plating
  • Blade length (inches): 7
  • Handle material: High-impact plastic with rubberized grip
  • Overall weight (ounces): 6

Product Features

  • Curved blade with tri-edge, seven-pointed teeth
  • Tapered blade grind
  • High-carbon Japanese steel blade with chrome plating
  • Dual-action, button-operated lock
  • High-impact plastic handle with rubberized grip

Product Benefits

  • Tri-edge teeth allow for fast cutting on the pull stroke
  • Tapered grind maximizes cutting efficiency
  • Durable high-carbon steel resists breaking
  • Chrome plating resists rust and corrosion
  • Replaceable blades maximize the life of the tool
  • Rubberized handle increases grip and comfort


We cover this product with a lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.

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Overall Rating: 4/5

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from SC

An Awesome Little Tool!!


I bought this pruning saw a long time ago and somehow it got misplaced. I was talking to a gardener buddy of mine. He had owned a nursery until the market tanked. He told me it is is favorite tool. That's when I realized I couldn't find mine and knew I needed to order another!!! It is one of my favorite "go to tools!!"

from TN

This is the handiest pruning tool I have ever used.


I prune my trees, and some for the neighbor's on both sides of me.

from IN

A700 Tri Edge Folding Saw


Very handy tool. One of my favorites. Stores nicely in holster with knife.

from OH

A700 Tri Edge Folding Saw


Very handy tool. One of my favorites. Stores nicely in holster with knife.

from NY

Tri-edge folding saw


Great saw! I bought it to work on my art; cutting wood and various materials...It's a good quality hand tool.

from NE

Nice, handy saw


Fits in my big pocket. Sturdy construction.

from CA

Leonard Folding Saw


The folding type saw is one of my favorite tools. The Leonard saw with the tri-cut blade and comfort grip makes really quick work of my pruning tasks - it's is the best folding saw I've ever used.

from OH

AM Leonard A700 folding saw


We had been purchasing Felco folding saws until we tried the AM Leonard folding saw and it lasted longer(more durable blade) and was cheaper.

from CT

Folding pruning saw


This is an excellent saw that cuts very fast. I like that it folds because the blade is very sharp.

from CA

Best Little Saw


This is by far the best hand saw I have ever used. I keep one on the tractor all the time. Cuts with unbelivable ease. Very well made. Convenient. Bought three more for stocking stuffers.

from WA

7" Folding saw


This is a great item............cuts through a 4" branch with ease

from CA

You Can't Go Wrong!


Exact same top quality performance as ARS GR17 but at a much more attractive price!

from WI



the saw is great, but the plastic lock broke when we used it the first time, it was replaced with a new one and it is great, I would recommend this saw with leonard free replacement , the old saw had a metal-wire lock which was great

from KY



the saw is great, but the plastic lock broke when we used it the first time, it was replaced with a new one and it is great, I would recommend this saw with leonard free replacement , the old saw had a metal-wire lock which was great

from OH

Lasts just as long.


The Leonard folding saw is a good quality folding saw and it lasts as long as the higher priced saws. I like the rubber comfort grip the saw has, but would prefer the locking latch to be like the older Felco model. Over all for the price you can't beat the Leanord saw.

from NJ

Folding Saw


Good blade, does not break like Felco, cuts well. I have had problem with the latch not staying locked open.

from CA

Leonard Pruning Saw


Although I received this saw recently, and have only used it once, am very happy with it. I am 75 years old, and needed a sharp saw that is easy to use.

from VA

Leonard Curved Saw


I bought this saw trying to cut my costs and also to have a saw that I could easily get replacement blades for. Since buying the tool, all of my guys want one. However, I have not had to use any of the replacement blades to date; the original one is holding up just fine. This saw was less expensive than other I have bought and appears to be much more durable.

from MO

everyday tool


The size is small enough to keep handy, yet it is sturdy and they stay sharp quite a long time.

from IA

Pruning Saw


We replaced this saw for the others we tryed before. This saw's size and sturdiness plus it's easy to work with makes it a great choice

from FL

A700 versus F600 and GR17


The kerf setting on the A700 is correct from the start and binding is not a problem. The curved blade makes this a very aggressive saw, requiring less effort to complete the task. The only drawback is that the blade is still exposed in the folded position and it is possible to "nick" your fingers when grabbing the blade to open it for use. Blade thickness make it less prone to flexing versus the Felco 600. The GR17 from ARS works just as well but the kerf had to be set to prevent the binding.

from MD

Good Saw for Light Use


The saw performs well for light use. When used to cut larger limbs (over 8 inches) the handle broke off. [Gardeners Edge] replaced it free of charge. I only use it on smaller branches now.

from MS

Great Saw


We bought several of these saws to replace broken or lost saws that our maintenance crews use all the time. After having the saws for a couple of weeks, I had several of the guys come to me and brag on how good these saws were compared to the ones we have used in the past. We have used all kinds but the guys really like the A700 and that says a lot when they prefer a manual saw over mechanical. I will absolutly buy more of these saws in the future.

from MD



Great compact sturdy folding saw. Have not had it long but it seems like it will last a long time. very cost effective and good for multiple crews.

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