Leonard Traditional Bypass Pruners, 1-Inch Cutting Capacity



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A true multi-purpose performer!

A.M. Leonard designs their Traditional Bypass Pruners with you in mind from handle to blade. These pruners feature a durable forged-aluminum handle. We make the blade using high-carbon steel and plate it with chrome. The rear of the cut blade includes a built-in soft wire-cutting notch. The pivot bolt adjusts to give you precise blade contact.Leonard Traditional Bypass Pruners combine sharpness, durability, and safety into one fantastic pair of pruners. The chrome-plated steel blades stay sharp even after years of use. This plating resists corrosion, rust, and sap. This resistance makes these pruners very easy to clean. A responsive spring action ensures a smooth, crisp cut every time. The vinyl-coated handles make them easier to hang onto while a lock keeps them closed when not in use.Leonard Traditional Bypass Pruners combine efficiency and affordability. Pick up a pair today and find out why they are one of our most popular tools. A.M. Leonard covers this tool with a lifetime warranty!

Product Information


  • Pruner blade material: High-carbon steel with chrome plating
  • Pruner handle material: Aluminum with vinyl grip
  • Handle color: Orange
  • Overall length (inches): 8-1/2
  • Pruner weight (ounces): 10
  • Cutting capacity (inches): 1

Product Features

  • Forged aluminum handle with vinyl grip
  • High-carbon steel blades with chrome plating
  • Built-in soft wire cutting notch
  • Adjustable pivot bolt

Product Benefits

  • Bright orange handles make tool easy to spot in the landscape, reducing tool loss.
  • Vinyl grip reduces slipping.
  • Wire cutter doubles this tool's role
  • Outfit your crew with a good competitively priced pruner without sacrificing quality.
  • Availability of replacement parts means the tool stays with you longer


We cover this product with a lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.

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Overall Rating: 4/5

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from PA

A Quality tool


Love this pruner! Fits my hand and stays sharp.

from VT

good pruners with one hitch


The pruners cut very well, but are difficult to lock. This makes it a bit dangerous to carry them around, as the cutting blades sometimes open when you don't want it.

from CA

decent pair of pruners


I use these every day as my work pruners. They seem pretty ergonomic- similar to Felco #2. Don't know if they will last as long as Felco's but they are doing fine with daily use so far.

from MO

Maybe if you only use them once in a while


Convinced by the lifetime warranty and cheaper price we tried 10 of these A.M. Leonard bypass pruners out as volunteer and back-up pruners. The spring popped out of 2 of them, and the locking mechanism never worked on another 2. They required more frequent sharpening than the Felco 2's that were being used beside them and half of them broke in the same exact spot... the handle at the bend. Yeah we replaced them with the warranty but sometimes you just need to know that you are going to have working tools in the field. We went back to purchasing Felco's, and since then 2 more pairs of the AM Leonard's have broke in the same spot and not one pair of Felco's have broken. Seems there is a flaw in the design of the handle that puts too much pressure in one spot or a flaw in the forging process. Either way, failed experiment.


Hand Pruners


I wanted to take a moment to let you know how thrilled I am with my new 1286 bypass pruners. I was wowed from the first cut. They cut effortlessly through things I would normally use my loppers on. My old pruners seemed fine up to the end but I guess one doesn't notice the slow decline over ten years of use. The difference was night and day. I also appreciate the attention to every detail from the spring to the shock absorbing bumper; from the sap grooves to the wire notch. This may be the best $30 I have spent in a long time.

from AZ



I have more than 200 rose plants in my garden, and I prune them myself, so I really appreciate a good pruning shears. This pruner has all the strengths of the Felco (No3? No8?) model after which it is fashioned, but none of the weaknesses. It's just a tiny bit smaller, which makes it fit better into a pocket, and a little bit easier to use for most situations in the garden. My old Felco has a soft spot where it chews instead of cutting, making a total hash of the job. This one does not. To make things better, this one is a little cheaper. Highly Recommended

from OH

Great tool


Love these to death bought them 3 years ago at cents. The sales guy talked me out if buying a pair of felcos and to try these. I don't use them every day but when I do I know I can rely on them and get every single part of them replaced down to the screws. Better buy than felcos and same quality.

from MD

Hand Pruner - 1 inch


I have used my hand pruner for over 5 years. During that time I have used it for pruning from shrubs to trees. It is easy to clean and the cutting action is still sharp as the first day.

from UT

Item 1286 - doesn't work


First, the spring is wimpy. I only used the pruners about 2 hours on flower stems when the spring gave up opening the pruners after the cut. So I had to use both hands to open it after every cut. It was very tiring. Second, the pivot-locking mechanism never worked right from the beginning: it doesn't lock the pruners closed, so they are always open. Hard to store and somewhat dangerous to carry that way.

Gardeners Edge responds: We're very sorry to hear this. This sounds like a manufacturing defect as it has not been a common issue for our customers. The 1286 pruners are backed by a lifetime warranty so we will be sending out a replacement immediately! We apologize again for your inconvenience.

from RI

#1286 Leonard Pruners


Purchased for product quality and reliability. Used for RITree Council Tree Steward Education class held Spring and Fall of every year. Used in our saturday final field workshop class with hands on tree pruning.

from WA

Leonard Pruners


I gave them as a gift. The person who received them really likes them.

from VA

Crew preferred Felco


We have used Felco for many year, but based on the claims made by A.M. Leonard, and the lower price, we decided to give the Leonard pruners a try. My crew didn't prefer them - felt that the blades were not as tough or sharp. We returned them and purchased Felcos instead.

from TX

# 1286 pruners


Found it to easy to use, lasting quality, and easy to get replacement parts

from RI

Have to have good tools


My pruning sheers have not failed me yet. I use them all the time and keep them oiled and fine tuned. Finally had to sharpen them this week after months of heavy use. I am in my third year of landscaping and am slowly adding the right tools to my truck. These were cost effective and work very well. Nothing in life is perfect, so I did not rate them at 5.

from OH

Gift pruners


I gave these pruners as Christmas gifts, so this Spring I received the REAL thanks. The daughter with smaller hands liked the size, weight and easy cut. The others remarked how much better they were than their "box store" buys. I like the handle color because it is easier to find when I lay it down somewhere when trimming.

from WV

Great Hand Pruner


Great pruner for the cost. Good smooth cut and very sharp blades With over thirty years experience in the green industry I can highly recommend the AML hand pruner.

from NJ

Good overall Pruning shear


Like handle, but blades seem to need sharpening more often then the more expensive shears

from OH

Best in the Industry


I have been in the green industry for over 20 years and have used many different types of bypass pruners. This bypass pruner is by far the best! This pruner does not bind up,very easy to use and less expensive. I would recommend this product to anyone.

from IL

Great pruner for the novice


I love this pruner. For a novice in gardening, it is easy to use. I've already trimmed several bushes; and the neighbors want me to do theirs. I learned about this wonderful product from the gardening pro at Goeberts farm. I am not disappointed.

from MI

Leonard Traditional Pruner broke within 2 months


Although this pruner looks much like the Felco pruners, it is much more flimsy, and with routine, appropriate use it completely fell apart within 2 months of purchase. I have several Felco pruners that have survived multiple years of use. My complaint about this pruner was handled well by the Gardeners Edge staff.

from VA

trouble with lock


These work fine... I often buy cheap pruners and never really dislike any, but I find the lock on these to be horrible. It swings forward and locks the blades closed at the normal angle for clipping, and has to be pushed back with every clip. At the same time, it doesn't have clearance over the orange plastic on the handle so it's already nicked and marred that up. I've tried tightening them, but then the clearance is Less, and loosened it still has the swing forward problem. I guess mine are just defective, but the design seems to lend itself to this problem.

from PA

Good Quality Pruner


I bought 2 pairs of these pruners to use on my Christmas tree farm. They have seen some heavy use and show no wear at all, they keep a sharp edge and dont fatigue your hands at all. It is easy to take the sap off them by letting the tips sit in rubbing alcohol overnight.

from TN

Bypass pruner


I bought these pruners because I needed some more for my crew and I have personally used these in the past and liked them.

from NY

don't waste your time buying this pruner.


I normally always for over 20 years buy velco #2. I figured give this pruned a try. I handed off to my helper on day one. First the tension spring kept dropping out. Then one of the screws dropped out during the day, of course it got lost in mulch to never be found again. So this brand new pruned made it till about 2:300 on the first day. I then wasted time doing the return and up graded the $14.00 to the classic felco two.

from CO

Awesome, price is even better


I've been using a lot of different name brands for hand pruners and let me assure you these work just as good or even better. They sharpen easy and the price is a great value, especially in these days. Thank you for a great product.

from MA



Why pay for Felcos when these pruners will do the trick. Plus they are that beautiful orange color. I can't recommend them enough.

from FL



I have been in the Horticulture field for 37 years and few products actually wow me. This one did and I personally put it throught the paces. It worked smooth, cut clean, didn't bind up and cut through 3/4 inch branches. The cost is the second best thing, like the icing on the cake. In the future my whole team will be using them.

from CO

Leonard ByPass Pruner


These pruners are excellent. The blades are extra sharp and hold their edge well. This is an excellent buy with a lifetime warranty...

from NY

Traditional Pruner is Economical, Durable and Does the Job


There are more expensive pruners, but they don't work that much better than other, less expensive pruners, at least not enough so to justify the cost difference, especially when considering that inevitably pruners get lost. Therefore, I find using the AML pruners, which are durable and functional, to be a more economical strategy.

from OR

As good as the much more pricey Felco


Great hand pruner, and much more economical than the Felco. Adjustable tension to fit your hand. Very comfortable to use.

from MA

Fantastic pruner, fantastic price.


I have been landscaping since 1989 and have used many brands of pruners but usually prefer Felco. This pruner is of excellent quality and price. I can buy two pairs of these for almost the price of one Felco and the quality is great.

from PA

Sharp, comfortable, great tool for the price!


What I like most about these pruners is the price. They function just as effectively as their overpriced counterparts and feel extremely comfortable.

from MD

Standard Hand Pruner


A quality made hand pruner with 1 inch cutting capacity. I like the fact that you can remove the cutting blades easily to sharpen or replace blades.

from GA

very impressive


I was not sure about these. I have had them in full rotation (8 hrs a day / 5 dayas a week) for 3 weeks and they have proven themself to me. No need to buy the 58.00 fancy pants brand. These are just as good...

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