Spades & Shovels

Any gardener will tell you: a garden shovel is one of the handiest, most versatile tools in the shed. At Gardener's Edge, you will find garden shovels in round point, square point, sawtooth and more from top, trusted brands. Shop our selection today!

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Here you will find everything from heavy duty garden shovels to all-steel nursery spades, perfect for slicing through tough soil. Facing a huge root system? Our shovels can handle that. Rugged sawtooth shovels are designed specifically to tackle roots, making for a convenient, all-in-one root-riddance system. Whether you are maintaining garden beds, potted plants, or larger yards, it is all easy to handle with help from Gardener's Edge shovels!

If you're looking for a shovel with a stronger grip or one with a longer, sturdier handle, we got you covered. We carry tough, commercial-grade brands that will not break under pressure. Our garden shovels are built strong to handle even the toughest of soils, including heavy clay. You can dig, scrape, and shovel away knowing these quality tools, trusted by professional landscapers, nurseries and gardeners around the world, will perform and last.

If you're tackling smaller or more delicate digging jobs, be sure to check out our handy garden knives and garden trowels. Look through our complete selection of shovels and other gardening tools today and see how Gardener's Edge can help with your many gardening needs.