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Wonder Soil Brick Plus, 24-Ounce Brick, Pack of 3

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Expands to 10 times its original volume!

Wonder Soil is a soilless growing medium. It contains a unique blend of coconut coir, peat moss, nutrients, worm castings, and water-absorbing polymers. This is a three-pack of Wonder Soil bricks. Each 24-ounce brick produces over 15 pounds, or about 12 quarts, of potting mix!

Special biodegradable polymers allow Wonder Soil to store and release water as needed to provide your plants with the perfect level of hydration. This process results in healthier plants and less watering. Wonder Soil is excellent for seed starting, containers, and cuttings, or as an addition to holes when planting.

Are you tired of lugging around heavy bags of potting soil? Pick up some Wonder Soil and save your back! Wonder Soil is as good for your plants as it is for you. The worm castings contained in each Wonder Soil brick provide valuable nutrients to keep your plants healthy.


Product Information

Product Specs
  • Brick weight (ounces): 24
  • Bricks per package: 3
  • Approximate mix created (pounds): 15
  • Approximate mix created (quarts): 12
Product Features
  • Compressed growing medium
  • Expands to about 10 times its original volume
  • Contains a unique blend of coconut coir, peat moss, nutrients, and water-absorbing polymers
  • Enriched with worm castings
Product Benefits
  • Special biodegradable polymers maintain the perfect level of hydration for reduced watering frequency
  • Unique blend of nutrients and worm castings enhances the overall health of your plants
  • Great for seed starting, containers, and cuttings – also works well as an addition to holes when planting
  • Much lighter and easier to transport than standard bags of potting soil
Additional Product Information
PFR Warranty
Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Question: What is a worm casting?

    Answer: A worm casting is a small spiral mound of earth or sand that has been excreted by a burrowing earthworm or lugworm.

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