Victorinox Folding Florist and Grafting Knife

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Use it in the garden cutting flowers, twine, tie ribbon and more.

Victorinox florist/grafting knife with steel lining. beveled on one side for pruning and grafting, Stainless steel blade, has a 2-1/4 inch cutting edge. 3-7/8 inch red nylon handle. This is also popular as a general purpose knife.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Stainless steel blade
  • blade cutting edge length is 2 and 1/4"
  • steel lining,
  • red nylon handle
  • handle length 3 and 7/8".
  • PFR Warranty
    Manufacturer supplies a one year warranty.
    QUESTION: Can the 2475E be sharpened?

    ANSWER: Yes, the blade can be sharpened with a fine grit stone as long as the beveled side only is sharpened.
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