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Tub O Scrub Waterless Hand Cleaner 64 Ounce Pump Dispenser

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Tackles the toughest messes!

Tub O' Scrub is a powerful, waterless hand cleaner. It combines a walnut shell formula with aloe, lanoline, vitamin E, and other emollients. Tub O' Scrub contains no harsh chemicals, solvents, or petroleum-based ingredients. This 64-ounce jug of Tub O' Scrub has a convenient pump dispenser.

Along with dirt and grime, Tub O' Scrub removes grease, oil, tar, ink, adhesives, epoxies, and paint. This cleaner is perfect for landscapers, contractors, gardeners, mechanics, painters, and do-it-yourselfers. Its unique formula moisturizes your skin while it cleans. Its pleasant citrus scent leaves your hands smelling as clean as they look.

Unlike similar cleaners, Tub O' Scrub is entirely biodegradable. It is also free from pumice, so it will not clog your drains or septic system. Tub O' Scrub proudly manufactures this product in the USA!

Product Information

Product Features
  • Powerful hand degreaser in an economical pump dispenser with handle
  • Removes grease, oil, tough grime with or without water
  • Contains zero harsh chemicals – no solvents, no petroleum
  • Bio-degradable walnut shell formula does not clog drains
  • Contains aloe, lanolin, vitamin E and other emollients to both protect and moisturize your hands
  • Suitable for either industrial or home use
  • Fresh-smelling natural citrus scent
  • Made in the USA!
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