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Truck Bed Disposable Bag

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Keep your truck bed clean and scratch-free when cleaning up lawn clippings and debris!

This compact, portable bag protects your truck bed and makes cleanup a breeze! Easily place on a truck in less than 2 minutes. One pull of the drawstring and its contents are bundled up and ready to haul or throw away. Ideal for fall lawn cleanup projects. Also great for mulch which can be a real pain to clean out of all the truck bed crevices! The drawstring will prevent mulch or debris from blowing out during transport. Keep one conveniently stored in the cab for when you need it. Fits standard truck beds: 101-1/4in L x 74in W x 50in D. One bag.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 101-1/4" L x 74" W x 50" D.
Product Features
  • Bag closes easily with a single drawstring
Product Benefits
  • Advantages include reducing scratches, keeping load clean, quick clean up, improved resale of truck by reducing wear and tear of your bed or fixed liner by using a low cost and temporary liner that is compact and portable
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