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Tomato-Tone (3-4-6) All-Natural Plant Food, 8 lb Bag

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Grow Plump, Juicy Tomatoes with Tomato Tone's All-Natural Plant Food

This natural alternative to use around people and pets will produce plump and juicy tomatoes for your garden! It's long-lasting, and won't burn or leach away; plus, it's enhanced with Bio-ToneĀ® beneficial microbes to help plants establish fast, develop deeper roots, and superior vegetables.

A great nutrient source for tomatoes and peppers, it will also help prevent blossom end rot due to calcium already in its formulation! Tomato-Tone feeds your plants naturally and will not force rapid growth at the expense of blooms and overall fruit harvest. Approved for organic gardening by a USDA accredited certifying agent.

1 lb is about 3 cups; this 8 lb bag will cover about 133 sq ft. Or, apply 3 tablespoons per each plant after it is well established (10-14 days), and then twice a month during the growing season (May - August).

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 8-lb bag
  • 3-4-6 fertilizer analysis
  • Contains trace amounts of calcium, magnesium and sulfur
  • Also contains a variety of beneficial bacteria microbes - see Label for complete list
Product Warranty Information

  • This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's exclusive 30-Day Down to Earth Guarantee. Click Here for more Details.
Product Features
  • Approved for organic gardening by the USDA
  • Comes in a plastc bag. Shelf life of contents is approx 2 years if kept dry
Product Shipping Weight
  • 8 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Tomato Tone plant food?
Tomato Tone is an all-natural plant food specifically created for tomatoes and peppers. Its natural formula is enriched with beneficial microbes to help plants establish fast, and it is approved for organic gardening by the USDA.

How much area can an 8 lb bag of Tomato Tone cover?
An 8 lb bag of Tomato Tone can cover about 133 sq ft of garden area. This bag will provide a nutrient source to your plants for a long time without burning or leaching away, plus it won't affect people or pets, thanks to its natural ingredients.

Can Tomato Tone help prevent blossom end rot?
Yes, Tomato Tone can help prevent blossom end rot because it contains calcium already in its formulation. Blossom end rot is a common disease in tomatoes caused by a calcium deficiency, but with Tomato Tone, you will have fewer problems with it.

How often should I apply Tomato Tone to my tomato plants?
After the plant is well-established, usually around 10-14 days after planting, you can apply 3 tablespoons of Tomato Tone per plant. Then, you can apply it twice a month during the growing season, from May to August. You can also use it to feed other plants that need the same nutrients as tomatoes and peppers.

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