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The MAXBIT 6 inch Garden Hole Digging Drill Bit

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Dig It. Plant It. Done!

Maximize your planting productivity with the newest digging technology, The MAXBIT. Simply attach The MAXBIT to a power drill, pull the drill trigger, then push the engaged tool into the ground to create a planting hole. THE MAXBIT's patented curved-angle design blades push dirt out of the ground and to the sides, leaving a round, flat-bottom hole that is ready for planting. Choose from two size bits to create holes to fit standard 4-inch or 6-inch potted plants or various-sized bulbs. Add the 25-inch extension (item number MBEXT) to eliminate squatting and bending comfortably stand while you dig holes! Made in the USA of steel and powder-coated for long life. The MAXBIT fits all 3/8-inch drills. The MAXBIT recommends using a 18 to 24 Volt or higher drill.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Powder-coated steel drill bit auger
  • Creates the perfect size hole every time
  • Patented curved-angle design pushes out of the hole and around the blade
  • Use with any 3/8-inch drill of 18 volts or higher
  • Proudly made in the USA!
Product Benefits
  • Excellent for planting potted plants or bulbs of varying sizes
  • Easy to use - just attach, pull the trigger, and dig
  • Leaves a flat-bottomed hole ready for planting
  • Allows you to dig more holes in less time
  • Eliminates the chore of removing excess dirt with a trowel
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