The Andersons 22-0-4 Turf Fertilizer with Trimec Post-Emergent Herbicide, 40 lb Bag



Item # A2250WF4
Ship Weight 40.00 lbs
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One formula fertilizes for lush, green turf AND has Trimec herbicide to effectively destroy dandelions and other broadleafs!

A post-emergent herbicide, the Trimec kills weeds already growing in your lawn! Plus, you fertilize the grass for a lush, green look with this high-nitrogen formula. Controls dandelions, chickweed, thistle, clover and many more broadleaf weeds but also includes high-nitrogen fertilizer. 1 bag covers 10,000 sq. ft.

Product Information


  • 22-0-4 fertilizer formula
  • Active ingredients are 2, 4-D (0.55%), Mecoprop-P (0.12%) and Dicamba (0.05%)
  • 40 lb bag
  • One bag cover 10,000 sq ft

Product Features

  • Has the benefit of delivering fertilizer and herbicide to your turf

Product Benefits

  • Controls a variety of broadleaf weeds, which reduces the amount of spraying and weed-pulling



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