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Taylor Digital Min/Max Thermometer

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Keep an eye on temperature trends!

Digital min/max thermometer will help you chart peaks and valleys in temps that can affect your plants' health. Dual probes allow you to compare the highs and lows outside to the temps in your greenhouses, etc. Full 7-day memory for each probe with easy-reference digital display. Contains no toxic mercury. This is built to take the place of mercury min/max thermometers in the same rugged environments. Water-resistant housing for outdoor use, LCD cover protects the display from sunlight. Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature scale. The low battery indicator on LCD, auto-off display preserves battery life. Requires one "AA" battery, 2 batteries included.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Accurate to 1.8 degrees.
  • Keeps minimum and maximum temps for current 24-hour period and previous six periods.
  • Each sensor probe has 9'9" of wire.
  • Separate temperature readings/memory for each sensor.
  • Button for switching Fahrenheit or Celsius is inside the battery cover.
  • Unit has a reboot button to erase past info and start new.
  • Measurement range: -40/120F degrees, (-40/50C degrees).
Additional Product Information
Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer warrants it to be free from defects for one year.
Product Warranty
  • Manufacturer warrants it to be free from defects for one year.
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