Sustane 4-6-4 Compost Tea Bag Fertilizer

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No measuring, no special equipment, no waste—just fast, easy fertilizing!

The most convenient, fast and dose-controlled way to feed plants. Simply put 1 to 3 tea bags into a watering can, let it soak overnight, and apply topically to leaves and soil the following day. Reapply fresh tea weekly. Ideal for indoor plants because there are NO harsh fertilizers to bring into your home. It's an all-natural fertilizer you can use around your family. It's OMRI listed and safe for all flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Compost Tea Bags can also be placed into the root zone of potted or bed-grown plants at planting or repotting time to give them a slow, even feeding of nutrients. Reapply once every 3-4 months during routine fertilization maintenance after plant establishment. One bag contains twelve 21-gram compost tea bags.
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