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Solo Handheld Sprayer, 2 Liter with 2-foot Wand

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Extension wand allows you to water plants without bending.

Fully adjustable swinging nozzle can be placed at any angle and features a drip/drift guard. Locking spray feature allows for continuous spraying without the need to hold down the lever. Sprayer holds 2 liters of liquid and has a 24-inch extension wand. Ideal for watering or misting plants and seeds without having to bend over. It can also be used to spray insecticides and herbicides for smaller areas.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Hold approx two liters, or just over two quarts. Thumb operated trigger.
Product Warranty Information
  • Product is covered by manufacturer 6-month warranty against defects.
Product Features
  • The spray tip and guard cannot be removed from the wand and attached directly to the sprayer. For a sprayer with no wand, consider AML #418L.
Product Benefits
  • Spray herbicides, control pests, feed plants. You can even spray household cleaners provided you don't use the same sprayer for cleaners as you use for plant protection; order a separate spray unit for each job.
Product Shipping Weight
  • 1.6 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
  • QUESTION: I received the 2 liter solo sprayer that I ordered, but it does not have good instructions to how to put it together. I cannot get the wand on it.ANSWER: The pictures on the box are a little decieving. The black plastic extension must be screwed directly onto the sprayer. The metal extension gets screwed onto the black plastic extension. If you don't tighten the nut on the metal extension up to the black plastic extension all the way, the metal extension slides in and out of the plastic one to make the wand shorter. Then you can tighten up the nut. If you look carefully at the picture on the box, you can see that the part of the wand closest to the sprayer is actually a 'cut-away' shot of the plastic wand, showing the metal rod inside of it.
Additional Product Information
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