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Solo Backpack Sprayer 4 Gallon with Diaphragm Pump

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Ideal for greenhouse, landscape and tree care work.

All parts made of high-grade, corrosion-resistant plastic with no metal or rubber parts exposed to chemicals. Trouble-free diaphragm pump for up to 60 psi pressure with minimum strokes. For use with wettable powders. Weighs 12 lb. Diaphragm pump sprayer is capable of producing up to 60 psi. The diaphragm is made of high-quality material for its resistance to harsh chemicals and abrasion and its long life expectancy. By design the diaphragm is able to pass small abrasive particles without damage to the pump assembly. Ideal for handling chemicals in wettable powder form, as well as liquid formulations. IMPROVED! The diaphragm is now made with a new TivilonĀ® material which can also handle bleach solutions. The spring in the shut-off valve is now stainless steel. Visually the only difference is a blue locking tab versus a red locking tab on the shut-off valve.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Four gallon tank
  • Fill neck opening 4.5in.
  • Diaphram pump
  • 85psi working pressure
  • Weight 12lbs.
  • Tank made of corrosion-resistant plastic
  • No metal or rubber parts are exposed to chemicals
  • Handle can be switched from left to right side
  • Includes fan, hollow cone, jet stream, and plastic adjustable tips.
Additional Product Information
Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer supplies a one year warranty.
Product Warranty
  • Manufacturer supplies a one year warranty.
  • QUESTION: Can you spray wettable powders through a 425? ANSWER: No, WP's are too abrasive for a piston type sprayer. For wettable powders we recommend the Solo 475. QUESTION: Will the plastic material last? ANSWER: Only high density polyethylene is used. The material is chosen for high molecular weight, high impact strength, and excellent resistance to chemicals and stress. Ultraviolet inhibitors are used in the material to reduce deterioration caused by sunlight. QUESTION: Can I use weedkiller and insecticide in the same sprayer? ANSWER: In theory you can, if the sprayer is thoroughly cleaned out with an ammonia:water solution of 1:25. In practice, the use of both types of chemicals in the same unit is not recommended as the risk to plants can be high. Use caution when handling any type of chemical and when cleaning your sprayer. QUESTION: Does the unit require constant pumping? ANSWER: The well-designed lever action greatly reduces the pumping effort. The pressure cylinder within the tank has a hydraulic effect. Liquid from the pump compresses air in the pressure chamber which allows irregular pumping action, yet results in steady spray at the nozzle. QUESTION: Can you use bleach in this sprayer? ANSWER: No, the vendor says it ruins the o-rings.
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