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Soil Savvy Soil Test Kit

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Soil testing made easy!

Soil Savvy™ is a ready-to-use professional soil testing kit. This kit includes everything you need to test the soil to determine your need for organic or synthetic nutrient products. Follow the provided instructions to submit your soil sample. You will receive a full report detailing your soil pH and its content of 14 nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The report also includes a description of each nutrient and their role in the health of your plants.

Soil Savvy™ utilizes the same soil-testing technology used by leading agricultural producers, turf managers, and landscapers. Using Soil Savvy™ is quick and easy. Start by placing a sample of the soil into the provided Soil Savvy™ container. Next, mail it using the included postage-paid envelope. Once the analysis is complete, your results will show up in your email inbox!

Soil testing provides a truly sustainable approach to fertilizer management. The Soil Savvy™ analysis determines which nutrients your plants need most. It also eliminates over-application of expensive nutrients they do not need. Try it today and see how easy soil testing can be

Product Information

Product Features
  • Ready-to-use professional-grade soil test kit
  • Contains all components and instructions required
  • Tests both organic and synthetic nutrient products
  • Tests pH levels and 14 different nutrients
Product Benefits
  • Analysis tailored to your own soil
  • Easy to use - just collect sample, mail, and wait
  • Results sent directly via email and placed on secure website
  • Test for which nutrients your plants need
  • Eliminate costly over-application of nutrient products
Additional Product Information
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