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Soil Moist Seed Coat

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Boost Seed Germination with Soil Moist Seed Coat - Faster, Effective, Cost-saving

Soil Moist Seed Coat is a hydrophilic crosslinked polymer that will swell and expand as it draws moisture from humid air and water. While the polymer expands with retained water, it forms a water reservoir on the seed surface. Graphite blocks out the UV light that degrades the gel and results in an even germination rate. Also helps to increase the speed of germination. Lasts for several weeks. 8 ounces will treat 50 lb of seed. Mix with seed in a spreader and apply dry.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Container size (ounces): 8
  • Seed treated (pounds): 50
  • Form: Powder solid
  • Color: Black/Grey
Product Warranty Information

  • This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's exclusive 30-Day Down to Earth Guarantee. Click Here for more Details.
Product Features
  • Water-saving powder
  • Cross-linked polymer and graphite compound
  • Mix directly with seed
Product Benefits
  • Works with all types of grass and wildflower seed
  • Increases seed germination and establishment
  • Reduces overall germination time
  • Retains excess moisture from heat and humidity
  • Graphite retains heat and lubricates seed
  • Cost-effective formula ? eight ounces treats 50 pounds of seed
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does Soil Moist Seed Coat help with germination time?
Soil Moist Seed Coat decreases germination time by promoting faster germination through softening the tissues within the seed and retaining heat on the seed surface due to the polyacrylate polymer and graphite compound in the product. It works with all types of grass and wildflower seeds, and increases seed establishment while reducing overall germination time.

2. What is the composition of Soil Moist Seed Coat?
Soil Moist Seed Coat is a cross linked polymer and graphite compound in a dry powder form. It is a water-saving product that retains excess moisture from water and humidity.

3. How do I use Soil Moist Seed Coat?
You can mix the Soil Moist Seed Coat dry powder directly with your grass seed to promote even coverage by lubricating the seed. An eight ounce jar of Soil Moist Seed Coat treats 50 pounds of seed making it a cost effective formula.

4. What is the container size and color of Soil Moist Seed Coat?
Soil Moist Seed Coat comes in an eight ounce jar in black/grey color. It is a powder solid that is cost effective and ideal for all types of grass and wildflower seeds.

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